Esstar Vision can undertake the entire construction scope of a project; civil/structural, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation and control and pre-commissioning. We have effective project management systems wrapped around requisite human and equipment capital to deliver projects as per contract requirements.

Civil Construction

We are adept at handling heavy civil works for industrial and infrastructure projects. This expertise extends from earthworks to high-quality finishes. The civil team has a proven track record in completing ‘fast track’ projects consisting of industrial plants and infrastructure development.

complete range of expertise covers the following areas:


  • Site Preparation
  • Soil Improvement
  • Embankments & Bunds
  • Soil Backfilling


  • For Static Equipment
  • For Rotary Equipment
  • Rafts / Independent Foundations
  • Piling

Structures / Buildings


  • Drains / Channels
  • Culverts / Bridges

Metal Cladding

  • Fencing
  • Steel Roofing and Side Cladding
  • Large Span Sheds



  • Premix Road
  • Concrete Slab

Esstar Vision is adept at mobilizing resources quickly, in order to meet tight schedules and have earned a reputation of producing quality works well within stringent time and budget constraints.


Mechanical Services

Esstar Vision provides mechanical erection services for :

  • projects
  • expansion / revamping of existing facilities comprising of erection of equipment (including heavy lifts)

Applicable to the plant areas of process and utilities are:


We continuously invest in upgrading and expanding our existing equipment resources to enhance our control and productivity.